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Emilia Mason is a Canadian-Nicaraguan interactive media artist and creative producer. Mason's work combines storytelling, affective qualities, and human rights. She completed a Master of Design in Digital Futures from OCAD University in Toronto, she focused on the use of AR and VR as disruptive and subversive storytelling tools. Her thesis project consisted of an experimental location-based Mobile AR documentary inspired by the Nicaraguan April 2018 civic uprising. Mason is based in Los Angeles, working as a digital producer for commercial interactive/immersive projects, on her free time she works on XR projects that generate change and social impact.

Mason is interested in the use of AR and VR as disruptive and subversive storytelling tools to reach broader audiences. Prior to her work in interactive media Emilia worked in the non-for-profit sector in Nicaragua, producing and directing the first human rights film festival (2015) in the country, and producing over 250 short-format video pieces for national television discussing human rights, women’s health and rights, reproductive health and lgbtq+ advocacy.

Interested in the use of AR and VR as tools for disruptive storytelling.

In her professional career, she is a Creative Producer and Project Manager, passionate about immersive and interactive experiences. Emilia has 10+ years of experience building and increasing engagement with users and audiences through content, social experiences, marketing, and strategic direction.  


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