I define myself as a Canadian-Nicaraguan new media artist and activist. I combine interactive narratives, affect theory, immersive media and installations to create engaging experiences. My research and practice focus on human rights advocacy, freedom of speech and viral content. 

In June 2019, I graduated from the Digital Futures Program, where I centred my practice in the affordances and limitations of emerging technologies like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. I view experimentation and application of tech innovation as an investment, taking into consideration the audience, user experience and return of investment.

I am interested in the use of AR and VR as tools for disruptive storytelling, marketing and retail. 

In my professional career, I am a Creative Producer, Product Manager and Program Manager. I describe myself as an innovation-focused leader, passionate for immersive and interactive experiences. I have 10+ years of experience building and increasing engagement with users and audiences through content, social experiences, marketing, and strategic direction. I am focused on vision, goals, value and target user/audience applying the methodology and frameworks that best fit the project/product. 


Private Sector 

Integrated production for traditional media. In my different roles, I have been in charge of business plan development, partnership building, qualitative and quantitative market research and analysis, Public Relations, BTL/Experiential marketing, and event production. 



As a Program Manager, I have worked in the development, implementation and evaluation of human rights advocacy and community-based projects. The projects focused on inspiring, informing and educating young audiences on human rights, democracy, active citizenship, women’s health issues and gender equality. During my time as a Project and Program Manager, I developed my administration and communication skills.

TV Production

For several years I served as creative producer, host and reporter of a television show. During this time, I generated brand and audience engagement through the production of over 250 short-format videos for national television. My mission was to dissect complicated topics and deliver them into concise, entertaining, fun and dynamic pieces.