The Mangrove Ecosystem - De Humo TV

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

This piece takes place in Juan Venado Island in Nicaragua and it is about the importance of the mangrove ecosystem.

In this piece, I gave full power to a teen who lived around the area and was an expert in the mangrove ecosystem. The piece was a very long interview in which the subject talked directly to the camera to portray her expertise and knowledge.

Each question and scripted in such a way to obtain the most amount of scientific and technical information about the island, the ecosystem and the turtles nesting in that area.

To find such a young expert, I contacted a Not-for-profit NGO working with children and teens on how to preserve the mangrove ecosystem. With their help, several teens were previously interviewed until I found María Ester. She felt very confortable in front of the camera and she was already volunteering with the NGO on preserving the mangrove ecosystem.