Planet Bablebop

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Planet Bablebop is a Mobile Game prototype in which the players must elect who will be the next ruler of the planet. The development of this game required UX, UI and programming in P5.j skills.

The game randomly assigns a character to each player, based on the character’s personalities they will vote and try to convince the other players to give them a crown. Each crown counts as one vote. The player with the most crowns wins the game and becomes the ruler of Planet Bablebop. This was a class project for the Creation and Computation course in Fall 2017 - Digital Futures Master's programme - OCAD University. Team members: Roxanne Baril-Bédard - Code and Programming

Dikla Sinai - Illustrations

Emilia Mason - Production, story and character development


  1. Wear the phone in a pouch around your neck.

  2. Press the “Start to play” button.

  3. Read about your character. You must act according to your character’s personality.

  4. Start campaigning: You have 4 minutes to convince everyone you talk to give you a Crown. You can align with other members of your species to take the win as a team.

  5. These are elections and you have to vote. Give a crown to those you think deserve it.

  6. Give dirt to those who don’t deserve to rule Bablebop.

Input: Tapping Device Screen

Output: Changing screens, button blinking


Blobs: The Blobs can see it all and use what they see to compliment everyone. You will have to use your compliment power to win these elections. Make everyone feel extra good to get the most amount of crowns possible. Don’t fall for tricks and compliments, give crowns to those who you think to deserve them and dirt to the ones you think are lying.

Blarks: The Blarks are very manipulative and charming. You will need to convince everyone you deserve to win this election. Get the most amount of crowns possible. Lie if you have to. Don’t fall for tricks and compliments, give crowns to those who you think deserve them and dirt to the ones you think are lying.

Blims: The Blims are very smart. You can read in between the lines and know not to trust anyone. Don’t fall for tricks and compliments, give crowns to those who you think deserve them and dirt to the ones you think are lying.

Game story:

The character you got belongs to a tiny planet called Bablebop. This planet is home to three different species: The Blobs, the Blarks and the Blims. For centuries these three species have fought each other in deadly wars to determine who will reign the planet. Millions and millions died for the cause, bringing nothing but suffering and pain. For this reason, just a decade ago, they decided to put an end to their terrible past. Every 10 years they use technology and their convincing skills to decide who will rule Bablebop for the next decade. Today is election day, you have 4 minutes to decide who will rule your planet. The elected ruler will be the one who collects the most Crowns. If you don’t trust someone you can always give them dirt instead of a Crown, your vote is secret so you won’t face any consequences.

You don’t know who is who, give crowns to those who convince you and dirt to those you don’t trust.

Let the election begin!

Steps of the game:

Step 1: Log into Website

Step 2: Grab your phone and put it in the ziplock bag

Step 3: Press button to randomize what character you got. Your identity is a secret.

Button in the middle

“Press here to get your character”

Step 4: Screen gives card with secret character

Image and name of the character

“Tap for more info”

Step 5: Tap gets you a new card with character’s information.

There is 1 card per character:




“Instructions: Wear the phone around your neck and wait to hear the instructions from the game managers.”

Step 6: Give the instructions in person:

During the next few minutes your job is to convince others to give you crowns. You will use your character’s personality to do so.

All of you can vote, you can give either crowns or dirt, use your judgment wisely when giving a crown or dirt.

Step 7: Screen will be showing two buttons for players to press.

We decided to use Blarks, Blobs, Blims and Bablebop as names to avoid any language. English is not our first language and we decided to incorporate this experience of having problems pronouncing words.

During this day we also discussed the behaviour the users would have. We were having doubts regarding if they would like to play or not, this is why we decided to give the users the ability to give crowns and also dirt. We thought having two options would be an incentive for users to engage. We talked about the personality of our classmates and that they would enjoy giving/getting crowns but would also laugh when giving or receiving dirt.

Observations during gameplay:

-Players were pressing the “Start to Play” button before time. They were eager to play and weren’t engaging with the character personalities a lot.

Similarly, the players didn’t really register and interact with other members of their species.

-Some players didn’t want to put their phones in the “phone necklaces” -Some players were giving crowns and dirt

-Some players were cheating and giving themselves crowns (you can see this happening in the videos)

-One player’s device didn’t run the game

-Most of the players were laughing very loudly

-Groups were organically made, one person would try to convince and others would vote

-Some players did not make any groups and were mingling with the other players

-Some players felt uncomfortable with the “phone necklaces”

Takeaways for future iterations:

-Clear instructions in the game for players to read and then explain it to them IRL

-Find a way for players not to cheat

-“Phone necklaces” should be in the shape of the mobile device, some phones were placed horizontally in the ziplock bags and it made it hard for the players to vote

-String for “phone necklaces” should be smaller for some players and longer for others. Some players were very short and taller players found it difficult to vote on their devices

-More animation and screen candy would be nice.

- Maybe integrating rules for team wins, having players of each species collect crowns together, in order to have more of a team play and less of a free for all.

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