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Interactive Art Book - “Love and Construct Memory”

As part of our ecosystem, Love and Remembrance XR Museum, we published the Interactive Art Book “Love and Construct Memory” in April 2021.

In 2018, thousands of Nicaraguans took the streets to protest an unpopular reform to the social security system. Police and paramilitary forces opened fire on demonstrators, resulting in over 300 deaths. The Nicaraguan government denied the existence of fatal victims of state violence and criminalized protesters by framing them as terrorists and criminals. To this day, the Nicaraguan government keeps denying families the right to mourn, declaring war against their memory.

The interactive art book shares with audiences the stories of the victims of the and through QR filters maps of the protests and video interviews.

The book also includes Spark AR Filters and image trackers, the audience is able to see the 3D photogrammetry replicas of real-life barricade-shaped altars created by the victims’ relatives in each city to honour their loved ones in their own spaces.


The interactive art book focused on all types of audiences, we wanted to make sure the AR component was accessible to our Nicaraguan community. For this reason, we decided to create the filters using SparkAR. To be experienced at home or in public spaces to provide access to a broader audience during the COVID19 context.


As not everyone would have access to the printed version of the book, we created downloadable posters with the tracking images will be available for free download on the museum’s website.


> Museum of Jade and Pre-Columbian Culture of the National Institute of Social Security

Costa Rica | June-Aug 2021

> The Art of Change Exhibition - Berlin Human Rights Film Festival Germany | Sept 2021 > Resistance Biennale Guatemala | Oct 2021

> La Neomudejar Vanguard Art Center and Museum

Spain | Oct 2021


-Director: Emilia Yang

-Creative Producer & Photogrammetry: Emilia Mason

-3D model optimization: Juanita Rubio

-SparkAR Dev: Ana Carolina Estarita

-Graphic Designer: Andy Cao


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